What is a Punk Cat?

A true punk cannot be pigeon held by today’s narcissistic society’s definition.  A punk has been used to define: hoodlums, a worthless person, a substance that merely smolders when ignited, someone of low morals, a musician in a genre of awesome kick-ass music, and a general lumping of any kind of teen rebel.

I have at one time or another fit into all the above categories.

A cat has been used in slang for describing; a feminine woman, a comrade or good friend, a cool laid back person, and the sexiest and often most misunderstood animal on the planet.

I have reluctantly at times fallen into all of these categories as well.

I am here to tell you tales from my life, from dating (60’s musician, famous married author, Emmy nominated actor, porn star and playwright…to name a few) to career choices (Hooters girl, entertainment reporter, stripper, aquarium  water chemist, rape counselor, editor,  shop girl and many, many thousand more, sometimes week long, ‘careers’).

I will name names (everyone but my own) and tell stories of my stay in the mental institute, my free bass lesson with a punk icon, my alcoholic catholic upbringing, my own experience with rape, kayaking and camping across America alone,  operating on a bobcat, flying half way across the world for love, sex, death and other tales of sorted morals,  lack of judgment and wonderful delights.

Stay tuned and I promise you will enjoy the ride and learn what a true punk cat is all about…


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